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7/31/2010: Nutre Hogar
After visiting communities, the group had quite a bit of extra clothing and supplies for young children. They made contact with a nonprofit organization called NutreHogar. This center provides food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and any other needs for children who are suffering from malnourishment. Some of the kids have loving parents who are simply too poor to provide properly for their children, so the kids live in NutreHogar temporarily until they are in better condition. If the parents are able to care for the kids, they are educated by NutreHogar about proper nutrition and the kids must make regular follow-up visits with the center to monitor their health. If the parents are unable to care for their children properly or don't want them, the children will be placed for adoption. NutreHogar operates 100% on donations and the workers at the center we visited in Penonome were very thankful for the items the group donated. In July of 2010 when the group visited, NutreHogar had 24 children living in the center.
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